We need to talk about toilets.

This is not a post about who gets to use female toilets. If you want a gender debate move on to the next cunt, I’m not buying today. This is a post about female space, or lack thereof. It is about public bathrooms and male architects. It is about this ridiculousness everytime we need to piss in public. Share your own foolish lack of design in the comment section. Female space as an afterthought in public space tells us something. Are you listening?

This is as wide as we can get


Yes i must almost stand on the toilet in order to shut the door


The good Lorde graced me with thick hips. No I do not have a thigh gap. Yes I struggle to sit without touching the bin with my fat, female body.


One thought on “We need to talk about toilets.

  1. And having only 2 or 3 toilets for women at venues so you have to queue for ages.
    Sitting down for a wee and there being no toilet roll.
    Stupid charges for tampons and pads.
    Disgusting bins to dispose of sanitary protection.
    Male cleaners….
    Absent locks.

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