Girls must play nicely. Girls must not tell lies.

When a transgirl throws around some dangerous lies about brain sex so that everyone nods and agrees to her cry for validation about trans periods. No. Just stop your fucking noise. This. This right here is what feminists have been fighting against for CENTURIES. And now to be nice we’re supposed to nod and agree that all of us have a sexed brain in utero. No. You can call your synthetic hormonal cycle whatever you like, I have no possessive attachment to period.

Period. You know that thing inflicted on me as a girl, regular like clockwork period 4 sociology right after lunch every 4 weeks without fail. The most intense pain I’d ever experienced, fresh again every four weeks. Feeling grateful I knew it was coming so there wouldn’t be blood coming through my school uniform when I had to be excused from class, walking past all the staring girls and boys who all knew I would be leaving and not coming back to the next lesson because I had “woman troubles”. Having to miss a chunk of my education every four weeks because the pain would make me physically sick. I would get home then throw up till I had nothing left to throw up then sit all afternoon in the bath tub crying waiting for painkillers to work. Big pink coloured ibuprofen that my doctor prescribed because we were skint as fuck and we got free painkillers but not free sanitary towels. Why they were pink I never knew, it seemed like a cruel joke at the time. Having to be pretty much alone as my brother and sister would still be at school and my mums periods were even worse so she just gave me the tools she had and let me get on with it. In case the context of school wasn’t enough when I say girl here I mean an actual child. Not an adult who likes that description as part of a gender identifier.

No just fuck the fuck off back to patriarchy town and stop pretending you’re battling on a horse called feminism. You. Are. Anti. Feminist.

“About two months(9-13 weeks) into gestation the genitalia of the fetus is determined. ******The gender differentiation of the brain doesn’t occur for another five months.****** We like to think that genetics or chromosomes determine everything. But a lot of your DNA is switched on and off by environmental factors. This layer of factors above genetics is called epigenetics.”

I’ve thoughtfully put stars around the anti feminist propaganda slipped into the otherwise innocuous passage. This “gender differentition of the brain” has always been the excuse to oppress females. We couldn’t vote because of our female brains. We couldn’t own our own property because of our female brains. We couldn’t have our wages paid into a bank account in our own names because of our female brains. We couldn’t say no because of our female brains. We have had to be protected because of our female brains. Passed from father to husband as chattel because of our female brains. Raped without the ability to call it rape by these selfsame protective husbands because of our female brains. Denied access to opportunity, education and careers because of our female brains. And now those female brains are what males know more about because they have them too, inside a body with a penis. And if we question the existence of a female brain we are evil bigots who want to exterminate the female brains inside the bodies with penises.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Have your period. Buy a pink hot water bottle and use it with chocolate bars and pain killers once a month. No one gives a shit. But you don’t need to trash decades of feminist activism, which has gained so much for girls like us (and by extension girls like you) just because you want validation that transgirl periods are a thing. I have a secret for you, this thing, we feminists call it gendered socialisation, yeah that. It means you’ll get your validation without your lies. Because girls must play nicely.

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5 thoughts on “Girls must play nicely. Girls must not tell lies.

  1. “transgirls”, unless they are actual minors, are adult males, men. Nothing wrong with a male wanting to do man differently, everything wrong with this notion that women have to call men “she”, even when men are anti-feminist MRAs, or be thrown off the feminist bus.

  2. Nice article, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂
    I’ve never heard about “trans periods” (I’ll google it) and I think that “gender differentiation of the brain” is real, but not necessarily a negative thing.
    I consider myself a feminist because I not only believe and fight for women’s empowerment in our society, but also think that women should become now the center of human society – a female-centered society.
    I believe the end of patriarchy *also means* (perhaps, *necessarily* means) the redefinition of society by women, from scratch.
    Everything that is wrong, including capitalism, military and religious institutions, education and science, e.t.c… should be reviewed and perhaps put away and redefined or discarded.
    Why? Because we’re living in a great lie – a great deception – created by “male minds”, not women. It’s time to change it.

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