Are you my brother too?

Brother look how your misogyny invites the next level from our boy here. This man has now used xenophobia, classism, ageism combined all because a 76 year old woman with a funny accent said something he doesn’t like.

Man let me tell you this I and I can count on the fact Greer will too, know history. And herstory.

I know how the individual threads of various liberation movements come together, cross over, weave over and form knots at the intersections of multiple oppressions. This means we have shared struggle. I know class struggle and the fight for liberation from poverty and capitalism and the brutal domination inflicted on the poor. I know what a debtors prison was. I know who the Tolpuddle Martyrs were. Do you?

I know the history of the lesbians and gays who stood side by side with miners against the Tory shero. I know the white working class men who will call my brother a fag but take a beating from the police in his place. These men call Tory shero a cunt too and you know I am alienated for calling them on it but you know I do and I will continue to.

I know of the black liberationists who listened to CLR James speak of race and class together. Of the black queers who came out so strong as both black and queer. Audrey Lorde’s black, lesbian, proudly political self gives me life every time I read her words.

I know all about the queens and dykes and trannies who reclaimed such words and were brutalised by the police at stonewall. I know a shit ton of them were not white and if alive today may identify as trans*

I know older lesbians in my own town who have little blood family because of how things were when they came out. Some never had kids and now enjoy older lesbians network as a female space for those older women who have always loved women, back when it wasn’t ok to marry, when they were scorned, threatened and attacked constantly. They need to be able to be together with likeminded women. And Greer speaking out like this means your attacks fall on Greer and not on the isolated older women with a little social circle who don’t want men in their 60s who still have a penis, who built careers, married wives, fathered children coming to their space to tell them what woman means.


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