A letter to my brothers.

My Sister is correct and entitled to her space and her voice. And you have no right as a male to call a female a cunt. That is misogyny Brother and you know it is. I don’t give a shit how you like to wear dresses and fake tits at parties, how we share much in common as rape survivors, how as a gay man you face oppression. You know I know this.

You also know you will never know the unique oppression I as a member of the cunt owning sex class female face. The indignity of my treatment as a female labouring to give birth to another female. The woman hating inherent right to the core of every institution, yes even our beloved NHS who treat women like cows birthing calves to be stabbed, cut, prodded and ignored. Being female isn’t a choice, it is something we are born as.

Yes one is not born a woman but one is made a woman as de Beauvoir rightly points out but being female is our truth. How as females we are made into women is the problem because of what “woman” is synonymous with. The bottom of the hierarchy of gender.

When males cannot live in a world of such gendered lives, such segregation, such toxic masculinity that they suffer dysmorphia and must transition to live rather than merely survive let me tell you no feminist I know seeks to deny them their freedom.

However they are not women. They are trans women. The adjective if you want to have the space and see it as a descriptor of a type of woman or the prefix if you are brave enough to use transwomen without the space matters. It represents their unique identity and their journey to living socially and wherever possible being seen and treated as women. It also recognises that despite a million comments using the girls like us hashtag these women were not girls like “us”.

Us being women born female, raised as girls in patriarchy and living as women. They were unique children facing their struggle because of a world that doesn’t recognise the full humanity of both women and men, that sees the hyper feminine submissive as who I am and the hyper masculine dominant as who you are despite this likely being bollocks for 99% of the world whatever their sex at birth.

Brother you ought to think hard on this. Make space for the voices of the L and the female B in your rainbow. We have our truth too.


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