Feminist new year’s resolutions.

My (tongue in cheek mind) feminist new year resolution was to “stop demonising men”. This after being told by queer theory advocates I demonise men whenever i talk about male violence. So just a heads up I didn’t last long. I still don’t like men. I still talk to them either with boredom, disdain, hostility or respect depending on what they deserve and how patient and gracious I am feeling. And you know what i think? I think that this is actually how one should decide how to speak to people. Having a white penis and and a desire to use it to penetrate women doesn’t make a person any more deserving of respect than those without. Now the issue is we’ve all been told our whole lives to think otherwise. And we’re told it still. Sorry dudebros. Your straight, white, male arse can walk on by as 9 times out of 10 you have nothing to say I want to listen to and I still don’t owe you my time. And if any “nice guys” want to come into my space with NAMALT or any other reason they think they ought to be the 1 in 10 they best know it means instant List placement. Now is not the time. Not will it ever be. All of the above goes double for “progressive men”, “left leaning men”, “male feminists”, “male allies”, “male left wing activists”, “liberal men” and my most favourite category “genderqueer/non binary/agender males”. And before anyone says that last one doesn’t exist as those gender identities operate outside of the biological essentialist gender binary they can fuck off and google sex.


4 thoughts on “Feminist new year’s resolutions.

  1. “…being told by queer theory advocates I demonise men whenever i talk about male violence.”
    Errr… isn’t that more than a tad reductive – even cynical – of them?

  2. I think it is decidedly anti feminist to try and downplay the reality of male violence and to denigrate those who speak of it as fact. Seems this is a contentious point for many though and my stance is in fact some form of misandry. So so sad.

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