Shining a light for equality

Feminists, women, men I need your help and you need a torch to do it!

Tuesday 4th June is 100 years since Emily Wilding Davison collided with a horse at Epson in the name of equality. She wanted liberation for Women and died 4 days later.

All over the UK people are working together to remember her sacrifice and remind people that Women’s Suffrage is not over.

We’re making a beacon in Nottingham and we’d like as many people to join in as possible. Hold your phone torch, light a candle, strike a match. If you have a big old camping torch bring it!

Tuesday’s sunset will be at 9.23 and there is no rain forecast all day, so candles should work. Hurrah!

I totally recommend bringing yourself and your friends and family to Market Square from around 8pm. It won’t be dark then but it will be nice enough weather to sit together, talk, eat and drink. This is a celebration after all.

There will be filming of the various ways we each shine a light so if you’d rather not feature do let those with cameras know.Please do comment, like and share. There is no hierarchy involved with this just people trying to work together so any help you can bring is so very welcome.


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